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Counselor Zhang Xinran from School of Finance and Trade Won the Title of “National Outstanding Counselor of Private Universities”

author:School of Finance and Tradesource:Time:2022-07-04 10:40:00

During June 25-26, National Private College Students Workers Fraternity held the Sixth National Outstanding Counselors Award Ceremony and 2022 National Cloud Forum on Counselors’ Work in Private Colleges and Universities. Zhang Xinran, a counselor from the School of Finance and Trade of our university, was awarded the title of  “National Outstanding Counselor of Private Universities” and attended the forum as a speaker. It is reported that nearly 300 counselors in China were awarded this prize, and there are only 13 of them come from Zhejiang Province, including 2 in Wenzhou City.

At the meeting, Ms. Zhang Xinran shared her work as a counselor in WZBC with the topic of “Be a counselor with ‘happiness’”. With enthusiastic and sincere language, she talked about her love for students and her passion for work. She also said in her speech that the school adheres to the concept of “optimal service to students” and provides great affection and care to the education workers, so that they have conditions for their work, a platform for their work and space for their development, which are full of happiness.


Zhang Xinran, a member of the CPC, is the director of student affairs in the School of Finance and Trade, secretary of the ideological and political education research workshop and a member of the party lecturer group. She has presided over or participated in many provincial and municipal-level ideological and political issues, and has won 16 national, provincial and municipal level awards in total.

At the award ceremony, four counselors, including Geng Yue (School of Management),  Kou Yongchao (School of International Studies) , Cheng Yiran (School of Media and Design Art Cheng)  and Chi Xin (School of Information Engineering) also performed a poetry recitation program "This is ZWBC, Our WZBC", expressing their love for and honor of the college.

(Translator: Peng Shuni)