Wenzhou Business Daily: a Heart-Warming Move from WZBC—Personalizing the “Official Exit Document” and Reserving the Train Carriage to Escort the Graduates back Home

author:source:Time:2022-06-17 14:45:00


At 10:46 a.m. on June 13, the G7662 bullet train from Wenzhou South to Hefei started slowly. “We have graduated. See you next time, Wenzhou!” A group of young people waved hard, and some young girls couldn’t help weeping and shedding tears. At the same time, their teachers were standing on the platform, keeping waving and watching the train go away. At 11:24 a.m., the G7334 bullet train from Wenzhou South to Shanghai Hongqiao also started, which brought another group of graduates to embark on their homecoming journey, and a similar departure scene reappear.

During the epidemic period, the graduation season met more challenges. In order to help the graduates arrive home safely, WZBC tried hard to communicate and coordinate with Wenzhou South Railway Station to contract three carriages for two shifts and escort more than 130 graduates from Hangzhou, Shanghai, Jiangsu and other places back to their hometown.

Early in the morning, Zhu Ying, a graduate of WZBC in 2022, packed up two large suitcases, went out of her dormitory and took the campus shuttle bus to the school gate. She and other graduates took four buses to the bus station respectively. As the ticket has been reserved for her, Zhu just needs to prepare her luggage and wear a mask when she goes out. Before leaving, she and her classmates were presented with a special “Exit Document”.

“This is Zhu Ying, a graduate of WZBC in 2022 , who took the special train of G7334 from Wenzhou back to home. Thanks so much for the great help of Wenzhou South Railway Station to escort us home during this tough epidemic period. The permission to pass through the stations along the line would be greatly appreciated!” With this “Exit Document”, Zhu Ying and her classmates walked through the green channel, avoided the long queue, and went directly to the platform. What touched her even more was that the leaders and teachers in the college had been waiting here, helping students carry their suitcases into the carriage and kept telling them to be careful on the way and go back to visit the alma mater in the future. “I wanted to cry at that moment!” Zhu Ying said that when the train started, inspired and impressed, they took photos to record the departure scene.

According to the relevant person in charge of Wenzhou South bullet train station, the bullet train tickets uniformly reserved by the University for graduates enjoyed the preferential price. In order to facilitate students to leave the station without showing their graduation certificates, the University specially applied to railway department at the next higher level for a special document issued by the University, with which the students could be allowed to pass through the stations along the lines.

Lu Junwei, a volunteer, was a junior from WZBC who was busy at the bullet train station with the school teachers there. He said that in his freshman year, it was the seniors who welcomed him into the campus; in his sophomore year, he played the role as a senior to welcome those freshmen into the campus; Now he was busy in helping the senior brothers and sisters to board the train for a long journey back home. It is for sure that anther group of younger and younger students shall come to see him off when he is a senior in the near future. He said that it is the tradition of WZBC to always help each other and enjoy the full vitality there. 

“This activity is specifically held to provide service for graduates to help them return to their hometown safely. At the same time, students can feel the genuine care and warmth when they leave their alma mater.” Hu Jiang, the Assistant President of WZBC, said.


            (Translator: Zheng Yang)