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Go abroad, connect with well-known colleges, open international courses, and broaden students’ horizons!

"Internationalization" is one of the future purposes and characteristics of WZBC. In 2010, WZBC established the International Exchange Center, which is committed to actively carrying out multi-channel, multi-level and all-round international cooperation and exchanges, expanding channels for external exchanges, and exploring new models of jointly training students with well-known foreign universities. At present, it has established great cooperation with universities in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, Thailand and other countries, and promoted sino-foreign joint training programs, short-term learning abroad, paid internships, and further study abroad, which benefit students a lot. Our college is becoming more and more international through the inter-college exchange visits, teacher-student communication, short-term study and internship projects.

In this new year, WZBC has proposed more innovative goals. Since students who entered the college in 2016, every student needs to finish an internship, practice, or study in a foreign college or an enterprise. Our college is committed to innovating the talent training model, updating teaching concepts, and reforming teaching methods from an international perspective. Through experiential learning, students will have active academic exchanges and thinking collisions at home and abroad while enjoying high-quality international teaching resources, so that they can innovate their thoughts and improve their professional qualities.